1.1 All Tours are non-competitive ‘SOCIAL RUNS’ (See definition below) for road going classic cars, modern sports and G.T. Cars, and Kit Cars, including any car which might qualify as a future classic. The events will be organised by CLASSIC CAR TOURS (MK) and a representative of the company will accompany all events.

1.2 All vehicles must be correctly registered, currently licensed with a valid MOT Certificate, and be in roadworthy condition. Trade plates are forbidden. Cars may be scrutineered for compliance with the Road Traffic Act prior to the event.

1.3 The event will take place on the dates shown in the individual tour itineraries.

1.4 The event will be exempt from the General Regulations of any Motorsport body

1.5 Entrants need not be members of any recognised motor club, nor posses a Competition Licence. Drivers must possess a current and full driving licence, and have valid insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.


2.1 The route will be as defined in the individual tour itinerary.

2.2 The route is purely ‘advisory’ and there will be no penalties or prizes for following the suggested route. There will be no ‘Check Points’ or ‘clues’  and there will be no mandatory time schedule. However, specified times may be issued for refreshment halts and for visits to certain points of interest.

2.3 A complete Road Book will be issued at the start of the event and will contain full diagrammatic instructions (Tulip Diagrams) for the Touring Sections and simple directions for the Road Sections. Touring Sections will be on minor roads with the best scenic views. Road sections will be on more major roads linking the main venues. There will be a full explanation of the methods used on each section. The onus on finding the correct route rests with the Entrant. (Officials of the event will be available at the start if further explanation is required.) In some cases maps may be provided, but a road atlas is always useful. Participants are free to use satnav or other electronic aids to find hotels but by doing so they may miss some of the scenic detours we have planned.

    3.0 ITINERARIES may vary slightly from those originally advertised due to circumstances at the    time of the event, but every effort will be made to include all the main features or alternatives to the same standard. Any major changes will be announced in pre-event bulletins.


4.1 Entries will open on publication of the 2022  calendar and close two months prior to the starting date of the event.
(Entries may be accepted later than this but late entries cannot be guaranteed the same accommodation as entries received before the closing date.)

4.2 The entry fee will be as stated in the individual event brochures and will be per car, based on two people sharing a car and accommodation, cheques payable to CLASSIC CAR TOURS (MK). The entry fee will include; Ferries where applicable, Hotels for the nights specified in the brochure, Dinner each evening, (unless otherwise stated), entrance to venues visited on route as specified in the event brochure, and fully detailed ‘Road Book’, Rally Plates and souvenir ‘finishers’ awards.

4.3 ALL Entries must be submitted on the official entry form, signed by the Entrant and sent to:

 MIKE KIRK, 125, HELMSIDE RD , OXENHOLME, KENDAL. LA9 7HD. and accompanied by the appropriate deposit; £400. An invoice for the balance of the entry fee will be issued a minimum of two weeks before the event and should be paid by return of post. If the balance is not received ONE WEEK prior to the start, the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the event and the deposit will be forfeited.

4.4 The selection of entries is at the absolute discretion of the organisers. The maximum number of starters will be 20. Preference will be given to the older and more interesting vehicles. The organisers may refuse an entry without giving any reason. Acceptance of entries will be confirmed by e-mail as soon as possible after receipt. A list of accepted entries will be published within two weeks before the starting date of the event.

4.5 Entrants will be identified by a numbered plate (approx. 12”x6”) which must be clearly displayed on the front of the vehicle.

4.6 No advertising, trade sign or promotional display may be carried on, or distributed from any vehicle without prior agreement.


5.1 Details of the starting procedure and venue will be issued with the ‘Final Instructions’ which will be issued in the two weeks before the event.


6.1 The ‘official’ finish will be on the final night at the hotel specified in the itinerary.

6.2 To qualify as a Finisher, the Entrant must be present at the final dinner.

6.3 All finishers will receive Finishers Awards.

6.4 There may be other non performance based awards at the organisers discretion.


7.1 Event co-ordinator, MIKE KIRK, 01539 728832
Assistants and Marshals T.B.A.,


8.1 The organisers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event or any part thereof, should circumstances arise which cause such action necessary. Should the organisers deem it necessary to cancel the event, the refund of fees will be dependent on the aforementioned circumstances.


9.1 To qualify for a total refund entrants wishing to withdraw from the event must inform the organisers in writing before the closing date . (i.e two months before the event). Otherwise any refunds may be at the organisers discretion and deposits will be forfeited.


10.1 Accommodation for all nights of the tour (as specified in the itinerary/brochure) is included in the entry Fee. Dinner will be included most nights unless otherwise stated. Coffee, Lunch and/or tea may also be provided if specified in the event details.


11.1 Entrants are advised to check that their car insurance covers this type of event.


12.1 Breakdown/recovery services will not be provided by the organisers but we will endeavour to make sure no-one is abandoned on the roadside! All entrants are advised to arrange their own recovery service, Mobile phone numbers for all event officials will be given in the Road Book. A ‘sweeper’ car may accompany some tours.


13.1 Extra nights accommodation at the start or finish of events can be arranged through the organisers at an additional fee.


14.1 CLASSIC CAR TOURS (MK) will accept no liability for loss, damage or injury where there has been no fault of ourselves, servants or agents or which neither we nor our suppliers could have foreseen if all due care had been exercised. Driving standards and personal insurance are the customer’s responsibility. We accept liability only to provide the services advertised, or where circumstances dictate, alternatives to a similar standard.

14.2 CCT(MK) accept no responsibility for the standard of any roads used and the onus is on the entrant to drive according to the conditions. Normally only metalled roads will be used but the standard of surface may vary with weather conditions and local authorities! Access to some venues may necessitate the use of un-metalled tracks.


15.1 Entrants details will be kept on computer file and used only for future communication regarding our events. They will NOT be passed on to any other organisation.


16.1 By signing the ‘Entry Form’, entrants will agree to abide by the above conditions, regulations and costs.



CCT(MK) is not affiliated to any Motorsport Authority and therefore is not obliged to obtain any official permits etc. Our events are automatically authorised under the above legislation, as stated below.

(b)an event in which no merit is attached to completing the event with the lowest mileage and in which, as respects such part of the event as is held on a public highway, there are no performance tests and no route* and competitors are not timed or required to visit the same places; except that they may be required to finish at the same place by a specified time;

(c)an event in which, as respects such part of the event as is held on a public highway, merit attaches to a competitor’s performance only in relation to good road behaviour and compliance with the Highway Code;

*Routes are advisory and there are no penalties or prizes for following or not following the suggested route.


“ A non competitive run for like minded participants where there is no purpose other than the camaraderie of motoring in company to a pre-determined point. They do not require a permit or exemption of permit.  A route can be suggested so long as there is no timing/awards/penalties/problem solving or requirement to visit checkpoints/controls.”